Our world

Social Whackness
As we travel, internet time becomes more hard to come by. When we do have access to the digital word it becomes about communication and planning the next steps. This means checking what else is going on in the world becomes a privilege. 

What picture do we get when we look at this world,

We see one of death and destruction, 

one of greedy and a world hungry, run by money. 

A world where man will allow and in fact, help kill its own race. 

We don’t claim to have any answers,

but you look at the world and what is currently going on in it,

and we have made several terrible mistakes,

and continue to do so everyday. 

As people starve and die in foreign lands, 

we fail to put out our hands.

The elected amount us sit and discuss possible solutions,

 while no real action happens on the ground.  

We have some decisions to make.


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