Porque no

Social Whackness
We have spent the last month living and exploring the area around Pucon. We have had a lack of internet connection which doesn’t help when you are trying to run a blog but does when you want some solitude from our fake social interactions. 
Pucon in itself is a strange town, for some reason it has become the tourist hot spot over its neighbouring towns. This means it has a massive influx of people every summer, which its infrastructure can’t hold. This leads to constant traffic and packed streets, because of this every other shop is tourist orrientated, offering every kind of outdoor sports possible. This commercialisation saps any culture or beauty Pucon might have had. 

When compared to San Martin de Los Andes across the border in Argentina, which has a similar tourist based industry, the rapid and forced growth of Pucon is evident. San Martin is a cute and quaint town that is well built and attractive. 

Pucon has a strange demographic of foreign tourists who are there for a few days, foreigners who are working there for a few months and tourists from Chile, mainly Santiago. Then there is the locals who have been born and raised in Pucon who have the pressure of making their income in the summer months, due to the adverse weather conditions in winter. 

Pucon’s beauty lies in the areas around it, sat under the eye of volcano villarrica, one of the most active in the world and towering mountains, that on a cloudy day it is impossible to work out what is ominous cloud and intrusive mountain. There are numerous rivers flowing and weaving between mountain ranges, with multiple waterfalls, hot springs and then there is the warm water lakes that shape the area. 

On a clear night you can se the orange glow of the lava from the top of the volcano and if the timing is right you can see the sunset, moon and lava all at the same time. A truly powerful experience. 

SW has always been a concept and as our travels change us our content will continue to grow, develop and change. We will be posting some more thoughtful and hopefully enlightening content in the future.



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